"It was July 20, 1969; I was mesmerized by what I was seeing on TV. The space module Eagle had just landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong, one of America's astronauts, was about to be the first man to walk on the moon.”

My mind was whirling back twenty years to my childhood. It was a time when we lived without electricity or running water. A much simpler time, but one filled with the excitement of experiencing life in ‘The Olden Days’, yet caught up in the explosive change of the future.

Did you ever wonder what it was like in ‘The Good Ole Days’, before electricity, shopping malls, computers, and iPods? In this fascinating book by author Cliff LeCleir, you will find out how simple things like bath night, a bag of pretzels, searching the swamp for a Christmas tree, and driving over a wood plank bridge can be an exciting adventure. Each story will draw you in and bring you in touch with a bygone era. Journey with me back to 1945, which, at the age of three, is my earliest memory and we will go… “From the Outhouse to the Moon”.

About the Author

Cliff LeCleir grew up on a rural Wisconsin farm but always had an inclination to be involved in business. After graduating from Cornell High School, he job-hopped around to several big cities before returning to Wisconsin, where he took a night job at a hamburger stand. Finding more lucrative employment as an expeditor for Allis Chalmers, he worked in production control until joining the Army. He received training in "Stereogrametic compilation" before applying and receiving the job of the Colonel's clerk, and during Vietnam he received orders to go on a mapping project in Ethiopia. After fulfilling his service obligation, he returned to his job at Allis Chalmers, got married, started a family, and began college. While in college he started his first business and graduated with a double major in business and geography. He has built and bought five different businesses during his career and claims that this was all part of God's plan to take a simple farm kid who knew how to work and show him what the Lord could do with so little. He resides just outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin, in the Township of Barre. His main joy is his wife Sandy, his three children, his twelve grandchildren, and, as of this writing, his one great-grandchild. What a country! Let's hope and pray it stays that way.

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